Complimentary Web Class: 2 PM Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Leading Virtual Teams: How to Transition to Virtual Teamwork in Turbulent Times

The world shifted faster than any of us thought possible this past week. Leaders must learn how to lead their teams in what is now the new 'normal'. The situation that leaders are facing continues to evolve. However one thing is certain: Change is likely to accelerate and we are not likely to return to 'business as usual' anytime soon. Teams that have always worked in close proximity now must learn how to work virtually.

Leading a team virtually is not just a matter of doing what you have always done - just online.

(Just ask anyone that has ever led a virtual meeting to the sound of crickets.)

Join us March 25th and we will share the best practices of how lead your team virtually.

Here is what you will learn...


The critically differences you must master when transitioning to leading virtually.


5 sure fire ways to keep your team engaged in a virtual meeting.


Why your natural instincts are most likely completely at odds with what most of your team needs.


How to recognize and resolve conflict before it starts to impact the team negatively


How to keep everyone focused and working productively on key projects and goals.


How to get your team to be honest with you about what is working and what is not.

Leading a virtual team is never easy.

Leading a virtual team in turbulent times requires a plan.

Don't hesitate we only have 100 spots available for this webinar!